Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Art - Visual Art vs Performing Arts!

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."
-Edgar Degas

On Thursdays I am lucky enough to teach both Art technology, and Performing Arts - specifically dance. It is a real shift in mindsets, but often by the end of the week, a welcome shift :>

There is a real joy found in watching kids THRIVE in kinesthetic activity. Certain children, often children who display high behaviour needs during class time, LOVE kinesthetic activity and produce amazing pieces of artwork, or contribute with 100% enthusiasm to the active performing arts. 

There is also a real frustration in watching children who struggle to work collaboratively, have to shift their mindsets in order to be able to work in a group, when they WANT to work alone. One child today in Art technology began to berate another child because their art "wasn't up to standard." This other child was really upset, but it simply came down to the different skill set that children bring to art, or any kinesthetic activity. Some children come to art, or to dance with more skills in their 'Arts kete', where as others are just beginning to fill their kete with new skills. This can make it very frustrating for those who are ahead. 

Working together - a necessary skill to learn, but when do we draw the line? Is it fair to constantly frustrate the children who want to learn more, but need to be held back to help others? Yes, we can extend these children, but I need to have a think about how to realistically do this in an Art setting, without making the beginner children feel left behind... 

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