Monday, 10 August 2015

What a Hoot!

'Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve. '
-Roger Lewin

Milkshake Madness! from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Today I had just a fabulous time with Room 6 - creating milkshakes as a reward for their amazing behaviour over the last two terms! Being their PRT release teacher, I have the pleasure of teaching them one day a week, split into three blocks over the week. Bit by bit, they have been building their points up until they had enough to choose a prize! As I have taught most of these students at one point or another in the last three years, I wasn't surprised that they chose to make milkshakes - definitely an all time favourite of my past classes.

The fun for me came with the challenge of how to adapt this activity to challenge the critical thinking of students - some of whom I have taught for 2+ years. Because I love an enquiring mind I decided to incorporate higher critical thinking skills.

These skills we have all taught at Tamaki, but I have found that some of our students, a huge majority ESOL, have found it hard to understand the actual MEANING behind some of the words, and to be honest, I was surprised what a great activity this was to teach them!

First the class split into four groups and chose a work area that I had set up. I then gave them three objectives - using critical language, encouraging each other and challenging themselves to do better. They then brainstormed their milkshakes after looking at their ingredient table. They were only allowed to use 5 ingredients in total. Once giving this a try by making small testers for each of their groups, they then adapted their recipe depending on a group discussion. And what discussion it was! I couldn't believe the vocabulary coming from the groups! Check out the movie to see what critical thinking language they used and the amazing concoctions they came up with.

What a fabulous afternoon :>

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