Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Keep Calm??

What to do when a child is yo-yo'ing between levels in reading? There cannot be anything more frustrating that giving specific, targeted teaching, and then listening to a child struggle through a text that they SHOULD be able to read (or was even able to read fluently the day before!). One such child was in my office today. We struggled through - 'Dogs', a book he chose and devoured on Tuesday, but today? Robotic, stilted reading. Coming up to words and making something up - it didn't make sense, it didn't use the same letters, or even look the same! "Some dogs are socks (instead of big)."

Sigh. There is a real frustration in this. As teachers we are appraised on our ability to do our job well, and to get results. This child has moved from level 5 to 6 then back to 5, then 6 (etc) for the past two school weeks. I have sent home word lists, we have made memory games, we have read mountains of books and practiced writing our basic sight words on the concrete...

Oh well. Tomorrow it is back to level 5 again. I have talked over possible ideas of what to do at home with both his brother and caregiver... I guess time will tell... In the meantime...

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