Friday, 4 November 2016

Our Taonga Day

On Friday, Room 13 celebrated a Taonga day - a day where we brought in something that we treasure. Each of us wrote a speech and stood in front of the class with our taonga being held by a friend who supported us by standing with us at the front. Everyone spoke, even people who were scared to. We shared what our treasure was and why it was precious to us. We also shared why we chose this taonga, and what we wanted our classmates to learn about us from our taonga. We learned about Jemma and her toy rabbit 'Jessie', who was brought for her before she was born. We learned about Christian and his dad's league trophies. Christian is really proud of his dad. We saw Sam's Christmas stocking that he made with his mum. It was a really special day.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Teacher Meme for this Week...

How Many Cars in the Garage?

Today the Spiderman group working on a problem solving activity involving deciphering the configuration of cars in in the garage and on the street!

Here is the problem we worked on:

After highlighting the key information in the question, we realised we were going to work with different ways to add to 5! Here is our working...


Wednesday, 5 October 2016

ULearn - Breakout?? Resources!!

This afternoon I was meant to be in a breakout session, but ended up losing my seat! We turned up and all the seats were taken even though we had booked to be there.

So! Instead I came back to my hotel room and looked over all of my previous breakout notes to find the one thing I could implement IMMEDIATELY. An what a valuable time this has been!

Yesterday, one of the breakout tutors talked to us about the need for foundations to be in place BEFORE bringing in the digital technologies. I have 7 iPads in my classroom but haven't used them yet (in the last three weeks) due to this same reason.

Here is what I have created during this breakout time:

iPad Rules!

An incredibly valuable time!

ULearn: Feedback through Google Apps

'Feedback is one of the most powerful influences on learning and achievement. ' John Hattie

VISIBLE LEARNING 8 Mind frames - John Hattie
  • I enjoy challenge and never retreat into "doing my best."
  • Spend time on learning rather than teaching
  • Positive classrooms AND staff rooms!
  • PROMOTE growth!
  • Collates all work!! No flooded inboxes!
  • Can comment on the side individually
  • Use private comment to feedback - stays even if resolved.
  • To add a doc or youtube clip or something from drive, click on purple plus then can create the folder to put everything in.
    • Can change settings - view, copy, edit
  • Children "turn in" work, you can grade, submit feedback etc
  • Can find out class averages etc but submitting all grades to google spreadsheet
  • You can pull up feedback anytime eg. reports
 Code to send to classroom

ULearn2016 Keynote - Michael Fullen

New pedagogies for deep learning: a global innovative partnership

Image result for michael fullen
Michael Fullen
  • Children want to get involved in the deep changes required to move forward
  • Ideally, education should amplify the "help" wiring in children
  • Knowledge should foster deeper thinking
  • Focus should be: character, education citizenship collaboration communication, creativity.
  • Deeper thinking: 
    • connects people to their real world, providing relevance
    • it connects people with their values
    • builds relationships of trust between teacher and student
    • creates a culture of high expectations
    • increases efficacy and optimism
    • provides support for students who do not have much
  • Whole system change strategies (things that DON'T work)
    • accountability (history of failure)
    • standards (insufficient)
    • system culture (promising success)
  • Breakthrough Leadership
    • Respect but reject that status quo
    • Be an expert and apprentice at the same time
    • Experiment with new ways then problem solve and commit to complete
  • Connected
    • The young are the most connected
    • The young are the least committed to the status quo - they can't wait to try the new thing!
"Humans, especially the young, find 'helping humanity' to be of intrinsic value."
  • Respect your students in the present, rather than the future.
  • Give students some choice!
  • Be willing to admit you don't know the answer
  • Normalise failure - it is okay to make mistakes!
  • Set the world askew!!
  • Make sure students feel like they belong :>

  • Use the 6 C's in your planning!
    • Creating rich activities with an open-end product! Children are able to create their own ending.
    • Measurable!
     To use in the classroom?
  • DEEP LEARNING - Pedagogical Practices, Learning Partnerships, Learning Environments, Leveraging Digital
  • Students are Change Agents!!
    • They cause pedagogical change!
    • Organisational change
    • Societal change
  • Professional Capital of Teachers
    • Human capital + decisional capital(group can use evidence to back their learning) + social capital(specific groups who work well together)
  • Coherence
    • Taking a complex idea and simplifying

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

ULearn2016 - Keynote Speaker - John Couch

"New dimensions in learning."
  • Rewiring Education: Every student can succeed.
  • Often school requires children to memorise everything.
  • Have a vision - can you articulate the WHY? Why does your school exist?
  • Leadership - Vision (inspirational), Mission (measurable), Directions, Steps (creativity), People (companions rather than competitors). This is based on RELATIONSHIPS not products.
  • Students Engagement = Learning
    • Engagement could be:
      • Teacher
      • Technology
  • "Education is what people do to you. :earning is what you do for yourself." Joi Ho
  • Education is a process of learning - delivery,  VS Learning - community, discovery
  • Technology is only technology to those born BEFORE the technology.
  • "...all books, learning materials, and assessments should be digital and interactive, tailored to each students and providing feedback in real time." - Steve Jobs
  • Education - help each student find that uniqueness, that gift they have...
Image result for children gifted
  • Access Quality Content
    • iTunes, iBooks, Apps...
  • Community and Collaboration
    • Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Insta, Flicker
    • Zone of Proximal Development
      • Teacher to Student
        • Teacher to Student to Community (and back)
          • Knowledge is not a commodity that is delivered from teacher to student but something that emerges from the student's own fueled exploration." Joshua Davis
  • Context - Relevant and Challenging
    • Is there brain activity?
  • What do you feel? Can you imagine a solution? Give it a go! DO IT? Share it with others (CBL)
  • Todd Rose - Individuality matters!! There is no such thing as average!!
  • eSpark Curation Process - don't teach to the average
  • Access, Build, Code

0-100mph - Our Technology Journey

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can, It will be enough." - Theo Roosevelt
  • Class Mission Statement?
  • Small Measurable Goals
  • Communication, Create Content, Content Consumption, Concept Reinforcement (games)
  • iPad Licence - "This licence is granted after demonstration of responsibility and can be revoked at any time"... Strike on back, three strikes lose iPad.
  • Digital Citizenship - Common Sense Media
  • Youtube - "YAPPY" and Garfield
  • Planning on Clipboard on wall
  • Treelo - collaborative to do notes
  • Showbie - create a showbie account - use YZ69H for 2 weeks free
    • Load children
    • Can load ALL work, then lock/unlock as needed
    • Can leave voice clips with feedback
    • Can load up work and then put their own voice clip on with their thinking/answers
    • Can record voice clips "outside" or in quieter areas
    • Book creater - then uploaded, then read it!
    • Other apps are good to use and drop into showbie
    • Teacher can put in images (of brainstorm etc) for all children to refer to
    • Can have whole class/group discussions
    • Other year groups - garage band, iBooks (ibooks author?), posters to help others, 
    • Kids can tech themselves how to use different apps using youtube
    • Making a Digital Product!! 
    • Place Value Book, Recount collection, Reduce...., We Should Walk to School...
  • History of Animation - flip books, stop motion, claymotion, thaumatropes, youtube for stop motion
  • Webucation - students teaching themselves how to do things they can't afford to learn from experts or when an expert isn't nearby - youtube, webcam
  • Stop Motion (stop motion studio on android!)
  • Class Dojo - positive rewards - great for rewarding children while you are working... Class story - sending home glimpses of class, Dojo growth mindset videos.
  • Coding
  • Blogging

ULearn - Presenting @ the SPARK MIT Breakout

Sweaty palms
acid in the stomach
constant nausea
shaking hands
cue cards swim in front of my eyes
zooming through
dry jokes - not so funny to this audience
SO nervous
then its over
I did it!
Siting back down
and waiting...
and waiting...
is that it?
No one makes eye contact
the nervousness creeps back in
doubt surrounds
it must have been awful!
Or maybe people don't care
So confused!
How did I do??
I must be an horrific speaker.
NEVER again.

On reflection, maybe this is how our kids feel? I imagine, after we have asked a child to speak in front of their peers, they then sit, and wait, and wonder. And possibly feel sick! Is this the best way to encourage communication, when even myself as a adult does NOT enjoy public speaking? Maybe there are other ways to do this communication - videos in a 'safe' place that is then shared? Obviously as teachers, we need to 'get over it' to a point, and I understand that, but now, even a day later, I still have NO idea how I did. Speaking without feedback is not okay.

ULearn2016 - Keynote Speaker - Larry Rosenstock

"Its time to change the subject..."
  • Reimagining is a good pace to start.
  • Begin and end with students
  • The Lie - 
The Lie from Untitled Productions on Vimeo.
  • "I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think." Socrates
  • Different forms of teaching - 
    • The first teachers were adults, teaching how to weave, how to make a fishing rod - 1-1 teaching
    • One room school rooms - why segregate with age? 
    • Universities - why do you need a degree? Why not come and go as you want to learn?
    • Prisons? Teaching takes place...
    • In the moment teaching - dad building something - children joining in from curiosity - the satisfaction we get from making something that wasn't there before - creation
    • 'Sometimes we need to treat people differently, in order to treat them equally.'
  • 'Measure twice, cut once.'
  • COLLECTIVE learning! Not learning in isolation!
  • Taking subject matter and making something new!

ULearn - Day One - Opening

Being part of the SPARK MIT Scholarship has allowed me to attend/present at the ULearn conference 2016.  Presently I am sitting in the Opening Ceremony, listening to a local Kapa Haka group. What inspires me is the confidence in which these children stand - sure of themselves within their culture Next term, at Onehunga Primary, we are focusing on 'celebrations' for our Inquiry. In my planning I already have a focus on "Me" and what is important to "Me". Watching this, I realise that I need to allow the children in my class to bring a true representative of themselves to this unit. As a teacher, it is easy to box in and prescribe what you would like the children to bring - "bring a taonga from home", where as for some children it may be a song, a dance, or an item that is important to their family outside of the pretty box that teachers ask for because it is easier to put on the wall, or take a photo of. Think BIG.

ULearn 2016 - Timetable

So! What is ULearn? What will I be doing? With other teachers asking me questions about the last ULearn I went to, and realising I remember so little, makes me realise that I need to be rapidly blogging to remember this ULearn, and make sure I apply my learning to my teaching practice!

What will I be doing?

What will I be presenting through SPARK MIT?

Monday, 19 September 2016

Book Week @ Onehunga Primary!

Book Week in Room 13 looks a little like this!

We managed to get all Harry Potter Characters!

Captain America himself!
A for effort!
Made his own sword, complete with elvish writing!
Mrs "Elsa" with some Room 13 children

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Introducing Room 13!

What a delight to be back in the classroom! Even with the pressures of joining a new school and learning the new processes and responsibilities of being in a new school... the children are simply gorgeous! Seriously enjoying being back in it! Photos to come (this school is in the process of asking permission for images, so I need to be careful about whose images I can include! Another thing to get used to!)

Monday, 5 September 2016

What has Happened?

I have now moved from a management role at Tamaki Primary School, to being back in the classroom at Onehunga Primary! There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. Onehunga Primary is local to me - love teaching locally!
  2. I am happily, (and finally!!) pregnant, and want to be in a role that I recognise
  3. I miss being a classroom teacher! I really miss the relationships you build by being the immediate teacher of a group of students
So my journey continues! A bit different than how it started this year - but something that I am truly excited about...

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

SPARK MIT - My Journey So Far...

Taking Ownership, Taking Responsibility, Moving the Autonomy of Learning from the teacher to the student... These are all concepts that I have been thinking and wondering about this year.

Here is an overview of the innovative ideas that through technology, I have been able to try out in a classroom. Enjoy!

SPARK MIT MM 2016 from Maryanne Manuyag on Vimeo.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Fairy Play and Values at Tamaki Primary

Here is Marcus's Fair Play movie. He wanted to create a movie to explain how we have learned to use our school values in all our communities - in the classroom at home, and even in the rugby field.

Marcus - Fair Play and Values from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

How to Blog

Here is the last of our CyberSmart movies, before we go back to re-film some of our old movies from this year. Our Movie Masters group wanted to be able to teach new students how to learn, create and share. Our 'learn' movie (getting our netbooks ready) teaches about logging on and getting our netbook ready for learning, our 'create' movies (how to use google drawing, how to use google drive) taught the basics on some google apps, and our 'share' (how to blog), means than new students should be able to join in the basics of our Manaiakalani learning straight away.

So enjoy our last movie! We would love your comments and feedback :>

How to Blog from Maryanne Manuyag on Vimeo.

How to Use Google Drawing to Share Our Learning

In Week 9, our aim was to show others how to use Google Drawing. A new student started in the class next door and we were keen to create something to help him begin to share his learning. Here is our movie about "How to us Google Drawing".

How to Use Google Drawing from Maryanne Manuyag on Vimeo.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Ignite-Style Presentations

A hook? - A child's story

  • Question... 
  • Imagine...
  • Parent Communication
  • Something amazing
  • Something funny - relating to the subject
  • Data - the results of something - leading into problem
  • Scenario - How do you know...

Movie - 15 second spurges
Telling story with silent movie behind?

Challenge to the Audience
Link back to hook

  • Another story


  • Not Inquiries "around" anything, Inquiring INTO something - be specific
  • The power is in the story - best way to get across the meaning
  • Who is your audience? - Language to interest them - Main focus is teaching audience
  • "Inquiring into transfering the ownership of the Cyber Smart curriculum"
  • "Two hands when carrying your netbook"
  • Helping others with remembering Kawa of Care ideas

Teacher Honesty for Today

Isn't it interesting how our teaching passions influences our worldview? I walk around from an art perspective - seeing inspiration and ideas on blanks walls, seeing inspiration from trees, and patterns in iron fences, being inspired by the passions and ideas of children... So much inspiration.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Learning to Make Infographics!

Digital Immersion: Part Two


Interesting Facts
  • Our children start school with 30,000,000 less spoken words than a decile 10 child.
  • This is our vulnerable learners - WORLDWIDE
  • "Your learning is like running up the down escalator - if you stop, you fall backwards quickly. You need to keep running." - Dorothy Burt

One Possible Solution?

Drop off after Writing Programme - SIGNIFICANTLY less!

What could we do as classroom teachers?
I should...