Sunday, 31 January 2016

Co-Teaching with Miss Aireen!

Co-teaching - working together = great discussions already happening with Aireen Ah Kui.  When looking through the proposal together we realised that this gives an amazing opportunity to reach all year 7-8 students in the school. The specific nature of the proposal allows us to create a programme that will hopefully be user friendly to all teachers involved and meaningful to the students. 

From our discussions so far, we have realised that a Long Term Overview of the writing programme, with specific weekly workspaces will be one way to start the programme. We can only learn from giving it a try!

So! Here is the first LTP for term one. Being a workable document means it can be adapted as we go on, which makes this very exciting!

(Feel free to leave me a message if you would like a copy!)

Friday, 29 January 2016

Reimagining Co-Teaching Through the Innovative Use of Online Spaces

Having the privilege of being chosen to be part of the 2016 group of innovative teachers, I have been beginning to break down my proposal into achievable parts. Below is a kind of "stream-of-consciousness" as I begin the process of working through the practical side of this proposal!

1. Examining the Key Vocabulary in Title
Reimagining Co-Teaching Through the Innovative Use of Online Spaces
Accelerating Learning for Priority Learners

Key Vocabulary:
* Co-teaching
'Co-Teaching is defined as two teachers (teacher candidate and cooperating teacher) working together with groups of students; sharing the planning, organization, delivery, and assessment of instruction, as well as the physical space.' (Bacharach, Heck & Dank, 2004)

* Re-imaging
A mental representation; idea; conception.
To make an image of; portray in sculpture, painting, etc. (Link to Dictionary)

* Online Spaces
Online spaces vs Offline Spaces.
Online Spaces - information remains and space is active even if device is off, information can be searched and located and copied, and they can be considered as real social environments. (Link to Esther MacCallum-Stewart)

2. Breaking down the Proposal (Taken from Manaiakalani Website)
'To accelerate the writing achievement of our priority learners we know that a more personalised approach to teaching and learning is essential. In my wider support role within the school I work closely with classroom teachers to design appropriate tasks and experiences that engage and provide the students with personalised support and timely feedback / feedforward.'

  • Focus of the proposal is to accelerate learning while working with teachers 
  • Design appropriate task and experiences that engage the learners 
'Working collaboratively requires the development of an Ako relationship with both the students and the teachers involved.'
  • Relationships with teachers and students is important, and needs to be developed 
'Technology enables effective co-teaching in this context where I am not sharing a physical space. I plan to explore how we can strengthen the co-teaching approach through the use of appropriate online spaces to create engaging and effective learning environments.'
  • Co-teaching relationship being the key - not face-to-face interaction 
  • Engaging and effective learning environments (online space environments) 
'My target group will be Maori boys whose learning and achievement needs acceleration to attain expected standards.'
  • All children in the year 7/8 level will be tested, however the proposal's success will be judged on the level or lack of progress from this core group.

Washut Heck, T. & Bacharach, N. (2010). Mentoring Teacher Candidates Through Co-Teaching. Teacher Quality Enhancement Center. St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

PB4L - Overview before the training!

PB4L - Positive Behaviour For Learning. What is it? Are we throwing out the baby with the bathwater? Many teachers in our school have done the Incredible Years programme and have really enjoyed it, so I went into the overview today excited, but apprehensive. 

...and what a relief! It looks FANTASTIC! I am really looking forward to creating the specific framework to benefit both the children who need the specific help, AND the children whoalways do the right thing!

  • Triangle - most children rarely show negative behaviours, a very small amount often show negative behaviour, and one or two need individualised help.
  • Small effort - Lots of praise
  • Reward appropriate behaviour
  • TEACHING positive behaviour. Emphasis is on teaching rather than punishing.
  • Doesn't replace strategies that are in place already, but putting these strategies into a framework. 
  • In first year of training - setting up tier one.  recognising behaviours before they begin, teaching matrix.
  • Developing systems for responding to inappropriate behaviours.
  • Categorising behaviours into 'Majors' and 'Minors'

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Blogging Notes about how to use a blog!

 BLOG NOTES 26.1.16

Made by Fiona (Manaiakalani links)


  • Title
  • Blurb about what the blog is about
  • Check it embeds well - fits right
  • Labels
    • Try to keep them one word (but can have multiples)
    • This helps with Teacher Council evidence too. Can be used as shortcuts to specific criteria.
      • Eg. Narrative, Add/Sub, CyberSmart, PB4L, Whanau...

NZ LAW around Blogging

  • Legally, children (or their parents) CAN demand post's to be taken down. Eg. photos or pieces of work...
  • You cannot start a blog, just because you can. This is one of the reasons why facebook isn’t allowed in most Manaiakalani schools - too hard to moderate posts.
  • Tamaki owns the children’s blogs. This can be seen under “Contributors” - TamakiAdmin
  • ALL blogs under the school, need to be owned by the Tamaki Admin accounts.
  • Professional blogs are  a grey area. If it has photos of the children on it, then it needs to be co-administered by the school account.

Link to Help with Blogger

Monday, 25 January 2016

Toolkits about Blogging - A great learning start to 2016

"One sure-fire way to stay CREATIVE: force yourself to learn something NEW."
-Harvey Mackay

Today I have the privilege of being able to attend a Manaiakalani toolkit on blogging. I have been a Manaiakalani teacher for a while, and yet it is fantastic to continue this learning through these toolkits. I am surprised by how many things must have gone over my head the first, second and many more times I have heard about blogging!

An interesting thought - today we discussed the legality around children having blogs, and having the right to have blogs including them or their work taken down. The importance of having an admin that can go back to previous years blogs to take down posts upon requests is really important! I am so glad that Kyla has already sorted this out at Tamaki.