Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Blogging Notes about how to use a blog!

 BLOG NOTES 26.1.16

Made by Fiona (Manaiakalani links)


  • Title
  • Blurb about what the blog is about
  • Check it embeds well - fits right
  • Labels
    • Try to keep them one word (but can have multiples)
    • This helps with Teacher Council evidence too. Can be used as shortcuts to specific criteria.
      • Eg. Narrative, Add/Sub, CyberSmart, PB4L, Whanau...

NZ LAW around Blogging

  • Legally, children (or their parents) CAN demand post's to be taken down. Eg. photos or pieces of work...
  • You cannot start a blog, just because you can. This is one of the reasons why facebook isn’t allowed in most Manaiakalani schools - too hard to moderate posts.
  • Tamaki owns the children’s blogs. This can be seen under “Contributors” - TamakiAdmin
  • ALL blogs under the school, need to be owned by the Tamaki Admin accounts.
  • Professional blogs are  a grey area. If it has photos of the children on it, then it needs to be co-administered by the school account.

Link to Help with Blogger

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