Thursday, 28 January 2016

PB4L - Overview before the training!

PB4L - Positive Behaviour For Learning. What is it? Are we throwing out the baby with the bathwater? Many teachers in our school have done the Incredible Years programme and have really enjoyed it, so I went into the overview today excited, but apprehensive. 

...and what a relief! It looks FANTASTIC! I am really looking forward to creating the specific framework to benefit both the children who need the specific help, AND the children whoalways do the right thing!

  • Triangle - most children rarely show negative behaviours, a very small amount often show negative behaviour, and one or two need individualised help.
  • Small effort - Lots of praise
  • Reward appropriate behaviour
  • TEACHING positive behaviour. Emphasis is on teaching rather than punishing.
  • Doesn't replace strategies that are in place already, but putting these strategies into a framework. 
  • In first year of training - setting up tier one.  recognising behaviours before they begin, teaching matrix.
  • Developing systems for responding to inappropriate behaviours.
  • Categorising behaviours into 'Majors' and 'Minors'

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