Monday, 25 January 2016

Toolkits about Blogging - A great learning start to 2016

"One sure-fire way to stay CREATIVE: force yourself to learn something NEW."
-Harvey Mackay

Today I have the privilege of being able to attend a Manaiakalani toolkit on blogging. I have been a Manaiakalani teacher for a while, and yet it is fantastic to continue this learning through these toolkits. I am surprised by how many things must have gone over my head the first, second and many more times I have heard about blogging!

An interesting thought - today we discussed the legality around children having blogs, and having the right to have blogs including them or their work taken down. The importance of having an admin that can go back to previous years blogs to take down posts upon requests is really important! I am so glad that Kyla has already sorted this out at Tamaki.

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