Sunday, 21 February 2016

Re-Writing my Inquiry Proposal

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It is exciting that with a clearer 'problem', my inquiry proposal suddenly makes more sense! It is something we always teach our students - the important of structure and planning, and yet it hadn't occurred to me how important this foundation was to my inquiry.

So here is my new proposal!

Reimagining Co-Teaching Through the Innovative Use of Online Spaces
Why are the majority of our Maori boys not achieving at their National Standard in Writing?

Our evidence shows that our Maori boys are not achieving at National Standard in their Writing. To accelerate the writing achievement of our priority learners we know that a more personalised approach to teaching and learning is essential.

In my wider management role within the school, I work closely with classroom teachers to design appropriate tasks and experiences that engage and provide the students with personalised support and timely feedback / feedforward.

Working collaboratively requires the development of an Ako relationship with both the students and the teachers involved.

Technology enables effective co-teaching in this context where I am not sharing a physical space. I plan to explore how we can strengthen the co-teaching approach through the use of appropriate online spaces to create engaging and effective learning environments, that specifically target our priority learners - Maori boys.

My target group will be our year seven and eight Maori boys whose learning and achievement needs acceleration to attain expected national standards.

Stay tuned for updates!
Again, thank you to #SparkFoundation for making this all possible.

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