Thursday, 10 March 2016

Working with the Lovely Room 7 @ Tamaki Primary School

What an amazing lesson I had today with Room 7 at Tamaki Primary School. We realised last week, that even though many of us were in netbook classrooms last year, we only knew the basics about the googleapps! So instead of racing ahead we decided to take it slow :>

What we did today...
Google Drawings:
  • How to create a google drawing. 
  • How to take a photo quickly.
  • How to crop a photo.
  • How to crop with a shape.
  • How to create borders around an image.
  • How to find a background on google, and insert it into our drawing.
  • How to find a png image and insert.
  • How to use word art.
  • How to use text.
  • How to move an object to the front, or to the back.
We did all this in less than an hour - and look at what we created! 

Well done Room 7!

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