Sunday, 29 May 2016

Nana's Sunrise

Today I was looking for a poem that I liked. I found one about a forgetful granny and it reminded me of my nana.

Here it is.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

SAMR Model

Is SAMR a ladder? Is it a fluid pedagogy? Does it "box in" the learner? Does our teaching encourage multi-modle usage? Do we need all levels of SAMR to access learning and knowledge?

These are all questions that we are discussing today at our SPARK MIT day. 

The SAMR Model

Is the SAMR Model Complete?
However there is discussion around the "missing level" of 'Elimination", where technology is replacing knowledge that is no longer relevant to today's learner. 

(Click on image above for the link to the document)

Learning Dictating Teaching, or Teaching Dictating Learning?
Mark Samberg also raises the question about some "...worrying trends about education districts in the states and their desire to push educators to teach ‘above the line’. He also talks correctly, in my opinion, about where technology is dictating the learning. Technology can, given the right conditions, support educators to create transformational learning experiences..." Link to article

Blooms Taxonomy + SAMR
If the pedagogy behind SAMR is to raise critical thinking and creativity then Allan Carrington has created a Modern Taxonomy Wheel, where he has combined the SAMR model with Blooms Taxonomy.

Is it a Hierarchy of Learning?
Does our learning need to follow a hierarchy of learning?
Some interesting discussions have been had between Rowena Clemence about the idea of a step by step hierarchy vs a fluid idea where children were moving throughout the framework.

Interesting ideas... My thoughts:
  • 'Boxing children in' with a thinking hierarchy is dangerous - children learn in different ways so will also think in different ways
  • Linking in with Blooms Taxonomy is a FANTASTIC idea - taking learning and moving on with it, rather than chucking the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak.
  • Learning is the key, so focusing on finding digital apps that support the TEACHING, rather than just finding an app and moulding it to fit. Technology is an amazing tool to develop and encourage thinking, but needs to be specific to the learning needs of the student. The student needs SHOULD ALWAYS be the centre!

My SPARK MIT Proposal...

SPARK MIT Proposal from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Finding Graffiti Websites!

Our fantastic Mauri Ora group are looking at Urban Art as a way of communicating with others....

I just found this website - may be an interesting way to "draft" their artwork?

The way it works:
  • Step 1: Select the graffiti colour.
  • Step 2: Select the background image.
  • Step 3: Select the graffiti font you want to use.
  • Step 4: Write your name in the box (default text is: “Graffiti Maker”)
  • Step 5: Click and drag around the text to adjust the position of the tag
  • Step 6: Optional: Adjust the different levels at the bottom: text rot, text size, text glow, text glow alpha, text glow blur, text shade, text shade alpha and text shade blur
  • Step 7: Once you are happy with your tag, click the ‘Embed’ to get the embed code. Just paste the embed code wherever you want to use the graffiti (blogs, websites, forums etc). Alternatively you can always do a print-screen of your graffiti and save it as an image
Here are some examples: 

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Learning from Today

Well! Today I have walked the talk! That is...


We were given the challenge of taking our learning from today and sharing it with a wider audience! Anne, Ottilie and I decided to use Videoscribe - the one downfall was that to download your movie, you need to pay! $144 a year!! Hmmmm... A thought for another day I am thinking!

Here is my learning from today - Very. Proud.

I have been thinking about the pedagogy underlying our teaching. For my SparkMIT Innovative Teachers Inquiry, I am now thinking about 'Creating to Learn.' Interesting thoughts coming...

MM - Create to Learn from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

What working?

Interesting to work with teachers and look at what is digitally working in their classrooms and what needs more specific help - good information for this term. Can't wait to use this information to shape new goals!

What’s working
What’s not working so well
What would you like help with
  • Ako teaching of netbook learning
  • Dashboard
  • Using the projector more
  • Online behaviour apps
  • Commenting on chn’s work
  • They aren’t blogging enough
  • Learning tasks - making DLO’s
  • Reducing length of follow ups so they can get it finished.
  • Lower ability children using site.
  • SC for blog posts to put into classroom
  • Ottilie
    • Blogs working well
    • Knowing SHARE
    • Visually appealing slides - know the apps
  • Quality of blog posts
  • Hard to monitor who has completed work
  • Projector
  • Keeping up with work completion
  • Roy - work on projector - sound feedback
  • More sleep
  • Tracey
  • Ashley
    • Each child on netbook
    • Kids are able on their netbooks
    • Chn are all on task
    • Responsible chn for learning
    • Introduced listening to audiobook of school journal (follow up)
  • Speaker in class - plays in sound but with feedback
  • Chn to take a long time to finish work and put on blog
  • Hate netbook cupboard.
  • (Ottilie to help)
    • Site - ready to use
  • Co-teaching with teacher absence or teacher PD.
  • Flexibility with continually changing timetable - unpredictable.
  • Time to teach your site in class

  • Digital:Immersion PLG

    An interesting point made today at our Digital Immersion PLG is encouraging critical thinking by discussing audience centered sharing rather than author centred sharing

    This is something I want to focus on this term!

    Wednesday, 11 May 2016

    iMovie Toolkit

    Welcome to an iMovie Toolkit. Our aim today is to be able to find our way around the iMovie app, and to work with some footage that we have brought with us to create a short clip.

    Here is a link to the document which gives you the information. Thank you to Caleb Alison from Tamaki College for his input!

    If you would like any more help, please comment below, and I can send you more information.

    Alternatively, here is a link to youtube tutorials.

    ....and iPad tutorials for iPads.


    Monday, 9 May 2016

    A Sobering Thought

    Tamaki Primary is lucky to be involved in Writing PD this year with Paula Were. One of our tasks were to look at the Maori boys in our class and identify what they are good at, and what their goals are. Not being a classroom teacher, I knew who the children were who were not achieving at standard, but was unsure of the specifics.

    So today I have gone through all of our Term 1 E-asTTle data and specifically broken down the areas that the children need help in.

    Very. Sobering.

    After looking at this grid, to be honest I feel slightly overwhelmed by the scale of work to do! I knew the data wasn't good, but had no idea it was SUCH a long way off standard. 

    A reading that Paula gave us said to focus on the visible processes of writing - the thinking, planning, revising and editing. (Routman, R. Read, Write, Lead: Breakthrough Strategies for Schoolwide Literacy Success). This reading also said that most schools focus typically on the mechanics - the punctuation, sentences, grammar and capital letters (etc), rather than the structure, vocabulary and organisation. 

    I wonder if focusing on the big picture (organisation, audience, structure, vocabulary) as a class, then specifically target the mechanics in smaller "workshop" type groups, the children will become more enthusiastic about their writing, as it becomes relevant and authentic to the child themselves. This also relates to my last blog post. 

    Everytime I glance back at the grid of specific data though, my heart drops. I tough, and sobering job ahead.

    Thursday, 5 May 2016

    Food for Thought...

    Today we had a staff meeting with our writing facilitator Paula Were. I found it very thought provoking, and also completely refreshing. Since when has writing become more about the structures and processes, and less about the love of writing?

    I still remember teaching at Viscount Learning Community where we put a thought provoking picture on the board and spend a good 20 minutes as a class exploring vocabulary, discussing ideas and then... writing! Some children could write for a solid 45 minutes! And it was from this point that we would begin crafting and editing (etc). The children LOVED writing, and loved taking control of their own work.

    Our team had an interesting discussion about where to from here - one thing I love about this team is the flexibility to try something new!! We decided to give this theory a try! Why not start with an idea and work from there? Teachers can still have learning needs "clinics" or "workshops" during the week, but why not start on the Monday with something exciting, something provoking, and some aspect of choice?

    This is the structure we are going to try:

    For Monday "explosions", we are going to give the children some choices about what to write about, AND get them enthusiastic about it!

    Here is our first week of "Explosions":

    Fingers crossed! Let's give it a go!

    Tuesday, 3 May 2016

    My Blog Goal for Term 2

    I want to blog what I am working on. I need to do this to explain to others what I am learning about. This is me learning to SHARE my work with others.

    (As part of a Cybersmart lesson in Room 8)