Monday, 9 May 2016

A Sobering Thought

Tamaki Primary is lucky to be involved in Writing PD this year with Paula Were. One of our tasks were to look at the Maori boys in our class and identify what they are good at, and what their goals are. Not being a classroom teacher, I knew who the children were who were not achieving at standard, but was unsure of the specifics.

So today I have gone through all of our Term 1 E-asTTle data and specifically broken down the areas that the children need help in.

Very. Sobering.

After looking at this grid, to be honest I feel slightly overwhelmed by the scale of work to do! I knew the data wasn't good, but had no idea it was SUCH a long way off standard. 

A reading that Paula gave us said to focus on the visible processes of writing - the thinking, planning, revising and editing. (Routman, R. Read, Write, Lead: Breakthrough Strategies for Schoolwide Literacy Success). This reading also said that most schools focus typically on the mechanics - the punctuation, sentences, grammar and capital letters (etc), rather than the structure, vocabulary and organisation. 

I wonder if focusing on the big picture (organisation, audience, structure, vocabulary) as a class, then specifically target the mechanics in smaller "workshop" type groups, the children will become more enthusiastic about their writing, as it becomes relevant and authentic to the child themselves. This also relates to my last blog post. 

Everytime I glance back at the grid of specific data though, my heart drops. I tough, and sobering job ahead.

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