Thursday, 5 May 2016

Food for Thought...

Today we had a staff meeting with our writing facilitator Paula Were. I found it very thought provoking, and also completely refreshing. Since when has writing become more about the structures and processes, and less about the love of writing?

I still remember teaching at Viscount Learning Community where we put a thought provoking picture on the board and spend a good 20 minutes as a class exploring vocabulary, discussing ideas and then... writing! Some children could write for a solid 45 minutes! And it was from this point that we would begin crafting and editing (etc). The children LOVED writing, and loved taking control of their own work.

Our team had an interesting discussion about where to from here - one thing I love about this team is the flexibility to try something new!! We decided to give this theory a try! Why not start with an idea and work from there? Teachers can still have learning needs "clinics" or "workshops" during the week, but why not start on the Monday with something exciting, something provoking, and some aspect of choice?

This is the structure we are going to try:

For Monday "explosions", we are going to give the children some choices about what to write about, AND get them enthusiastic about it!

Here is our first week of "Explosions":

Fingers crossed! Let's give it a go!

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