Thursday, 12 May 2016

What working?

Interesting to work with teachers and look at what is digitally working in their classrooms and what needs more specific help - good information for this term. Can't wait to use this information to shape new goals!

What’s working
What’s not working so well
What would you like help with
  • Ako teaching of netbook learning
  • Dashboard
  • Using the projector more
  • Online behaviour apps
  • Commenting on chn’s work
  • They aren’t blogging enough
  • Learning tasks - making DLO’s
  • Reducing length of follow ups so they can get it finished.
  • Lower ability children using site.
  • SC for blog posts to put into classroom
  • Ottilie
    • Blogs working well
    • Knowing SHARE
    • Visually appealing slides - know the apps
  • Quality of blog posts
  • Hard to monitor who has completed work
  • Projector
  • Keeping up with work completion
  • Roy - work on projector - sound feedback
  • More sleep
  • Tracey
  • Ashley
    • Each child on netbook
    • Kids are able on their netbooks
    • Chn are all on task
    • Responsible chn for learning
    • Introduced listening to audiobook of school journal (follow up)
  • Speaker in class - plays in sound but with feedback
  • Chn to take a long time to finish work and put on blog
  • Hate netbook cupboard.
  • (Ottilie to help)
    • Site - ready to use
  • Co-teaching with teacher absence or teacher PD.
  • Flexibility with continually changing timetable - unpredictable.
  • Time to teach your site in class

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