Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Critical Literacy & Cultural Responsiveness PD - Michelle Fepuleai

Critical Literacy & Cultural Responsiveness
PD from Michelle Fepuleai 

  • Cultural Responsiveness - how we implement as teachers.
  • Critical Literacy - being reflective in what we read and hear - inequality in power - dominant cultures - music, lyrics, radio... as well as books.
  • Recognise difference! Recognise human celebrations!
  • Giving children control over their learning - promote new hybridized cultural practices
  • How can we make our classroom practices 'multimodal'?
  • Critical Literacy - looking at things through other perspectives... Inquiry!
  • Critical Thinking - analysing and reconstructing our own thinking
Think of an iceberg - there are surface cultural features - food, flags, clothes, holidays, music, games, arts and culture...; and then there are deeper cultural features - conversations, rules of conduct, concept of cleanliness, tone of voice, concept of 'self'...
  • Responsiveness - how can we adapt what we are putting on our walls to show cultural responsiveness?

What parts of my classroom programme reflect my culture, and what parts that of my students?
  • I think that I enjoy order and this reflects in my classroom. I like having order on the walls, order in behaviour and order in tasks and planning. Because of this I can now see that this may clash with some of the way my students work, and to be culturally responsive, I need to respect that 'disorder' doesn't reflect disrespect. An interesting idea...

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