Tuesday, 9 August 2016

SPARK MIT - My Journey So Far...

Taking Ownership, Taking Responsibility, Moving the Autonomy of Learning from the teacher to the student... These are all concepts that I have been thinking and wondering about this year.

Here is an overview of the innovative ideas that through technology, I have been able to try out in a classroom. Enjoy!

SPARK MIT MM 2016 from Maryanne Manuyag on Vimeo.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Fairy Play and Values at Tamaki Primary

Here is Marcus's Fair Play movie. He wanted to create a movie to explain how we have learned to use our school values in all our communities - in the classroom at home, and even in the rugby field.

Marcus - Fair Play and Values from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

How to Blog

Here is the last of our CyberSmart movies, before we go back to re-film some of our old movies from this year. Our Movie Masters group wanted to be able to teach new students how to learn, create and share. Our 'learn' movie (getting our netbooks ready) teaches about logging on and getting our netbook ready for learning, our 'create' movies (how to use google drawing, how to use google drive) taught the basics on some google apps, and our 'share' (how to blog), means than new students should be able to join in the basics of our Manaiakalani learning straight away.

So enjoy our last movie! We would love your comments and feedback :>

How to Blog from Maryanne Manuyag on Vimeo.

How to Use Google Drawing to Share Our Learning

In Week 9, our aim was to show others how to use Google Drawing. A new student started in the class next door and we were keen to create something to help him begin to share his learning. Here is our movie about "How to us Google Drawing".

How to Use Google Drawing from Maryanne Manuyag on Vimeo.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Ignite-Style Presentations

A hook? - A child's story

  • Question... 
  • Imagine...
  • Parent Communication
  • Something amazing
  • Something funny - relating to the subject
  • Data - the results of something - leading into problem
  • Scenario - How do you know...

Movie - 15 second spurges
Telling story with silent movie behind?

Challenge to the Audience
Link back to hook

  • Another story


  • Not Inquiries "around" anything, Inquiring INTO something - be specific
  • The power is in the story - best way to get across the meaning
  • Who is your audience? - Language to interest them - Main focus is teaching audience
  • "Inquiring into transfering the ownership of the Cyber Smart curriculum"
  • "Two hands when carrying your netbook"
  • Helping others with remembering Kawa of Care ideas

Teacher Honesty for Today

Isn't it interesting how our teaching passions influences our worldview? I walk around from an art perspective - seeing inspiration and ideas on blanks walls, seeing inspiration from trees, and patterns in iron fences, being inspired by the passions and ideas of children... So much inspiration.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Learning to Make Infographics!

Digital Immersion: Part Two


Interesting Facts
  • Our children start school with 30,000,000 less spoken words than a decile 10 child.
  • This is our vulnerable learners - WORLDWIDE
  • "Your learning is like running up the down escalator - if you stop, you fall backwards quickly. You need to keep running." - Dorothy Burt

One Possible Solution?

Drop off after Writing Programme - SIGNIFICANTLY less!

What could we do as classroom teachers?
I should...

Digital Immersion: Part One


  • Connection with others
  • Connection with students
  • Connections with whanau
  • Time to create
  • Integrating digital in a genuine way with ICT
  • New ideas without the release time
  • Balancing 1-1 with handwriting and other non-ICT learning areas
  • Film Festival
  • Sharing 'Creates" so we don't have to reinvent the wheel
  • Managing devices - not enough for students - talk to principals
  • Time! - Need time to get things done
  • Sharing BEYOND the blogs

Ways to help AT NEED families
  • "Angel" fund (small donations to help families out of debt)
  • Teachers to fund a netbook
  • Manaiakalani have an "angel" fund
Smart Relationships
  • Sharing begins with us - the "big" people

  • Need to know your own boundaries - dating, children, family... We are working with vulnerable children, need to keep vulnerable boundaries in minds.
  • School policies around sharing?
Ways to Share
  • Pt England - Photo of each teacher which links to inquiry - good idea for Tamaki
  • http://www.ptengland.school.nz/about-us
  • Telling your story and sharing your learning, refines your thought process.
My Slide from the Cluster Reflection

Monday, 1 August 2016

Toolkit - Where do I begin: Planning a movie with your class

Welcome Manaiakalani toolkit'ters! Here are the links that will help you today :>

How Do We Plan a Class Movie?

Akanesi and I were given the challenge yesterday of teaching a new class how to begin a movie. There was A LOT of discussion before we began. We decided to break down our ideas into 5 steps, and then use other movies that we had made together to give our audience ideas.

We then wrote our script, planned our clips and filmed our movie. Akanesi took over from here and she learned to edit the movie, add in voice clips and add in photos.

Here is our finished product!

How to Begin a Movie from Maryanne Manuyag on Vimeo.