Tuesday, 4 October 2016

0-100mph - Our Technology Journey

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can, It will be enough." - Theo Roosevelt
  • Class Mission Statement?
  • Small Measurable Goals
  • Communication, Create Content, Content Consumption, Concept Reinforcement (games)
  • iPad Licence - "This licence is granted after demonstration of responsibility and can be revoked at any time"... Strike on back, three strikes lose iPad.
  • Digital Citizenship - Common Sense Media
  • Youtube - "YAPPY" and Garfield
  • Planning on Clipboard on wall
  • Treelo - collaborative to do notes
  • Showbie - create a showbie account - use YZ69H for 2 weeks free
    • Load children
    • Can load ALL work, then lock/unlock as needed
    • Can leave voice clips with feedback
    • Can load up work and then put their own voice clip on with their thinking/answers
    • Can record voice clips "outside" or in quieter areas
    • Book creater - then uploaded, then read it!
    • Other apps are good to use and drop into showbie
    • Teacher can put in images (of brainstorm etc) for all children to refer to
    • Can have whole class/group discussions
    • Other year groups - garage band, iBooks (ibooks author?), posters to help others, 
    • Kids can tech themselves how to use different apps using youtube
    • Making a Digital Product!! 
    • Place Value Book, Recount collection, Reduce...., We Should Walk to School...
  • History of Animation - flip books, stop motion, claymotion, thaumatropes, youtube for stop motion
  • Webucation - students teaching themselves how to do things they can't afford to learn from experts or when an expert isn't nearby - youtube, webcam
  • Stop Motion (stop motion studio on android!)
  • Class Dojo - positive rewards - great for rewarding children while you are working... Class story - sending home glimpses of class, Dojo growth mindset videos.
  • Coding
  • Blogging

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