Tuesday, 4 October 2016

ULearn - Presenting @ the SPARK MIT Breakout

Sweaty palms
acid in the stomach
constant nausea
shaking hands
cue cards swim in front of my eyes
zooming through
dry jokes - not so funny to this audience
SO nervous
then its over
I did it!
Siting back down
and waiting...
and waiting...
is that it?
No one makes eye contact
the nervousness creeps back in
doubt surrounds
it must have been awful!
Or maybe people don't care
So confused!
How did I do??
I must be an horrific speaker.
NEVER again.

On reflection, maybe this is how our kids feel? I imagine, after we have asked a child to speak in front of their peers, they then sit, and wait, and wonder. And possibly feel sick! Is this the best way to encourage communication, when even myself as a adult does NOT enjoy public speaking? Maybe there are other ways to do this communication - videos in a 'safe' place that is then shared? Obviously as teachers, we need to 'get over it' to a point, and I understand that, but now, even a day later, I still have NO idea how I did. Speaking without feedback is not okay.

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