Tuesday, 4 October 2016

ULearn2016 - Keynote Speaker - John Couch

"New dimensions in learning."
  • Rewiring Education: Every student can succeed.
  • Often school requires children to memorise everything.
  • Have a vision - can you articulate the WHY? Why does your school exist?
  • Leadership - Vision (inspirational), Mission (measurable), Directions, Steps (creativity), People (companions rather than competitors). This is based on RELATIONSHIPS not products.
  • Students Engagement = Learning
    • Engagement could be:
      • Teacher
      • Technology
  • "Education is what people do to you. :earning is what you do for yourself." Joi Ho
  • Education is a process of learning - delivery,  VS Learning - community, discovery
  • Technology is only technology to those born BEFORE the technology.
  • "...all books, learning materials, and assessments should be digital and interactive, tailored to each students and providing feedback in real time." - Steve Jobs
  • Education - help each student find that uniqueness, that gift they have...
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  • Access Quality Content
    • iTunes, iBooks, Apps...
  • Community and Collaboration
    • Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Insta, Flicker
    • Zone of Proximal Development
      • Teacher to Student
        • Teacher to Student to Community (and back)
          • Knowledge is not a commodity that is delivered from teacher to student but something that emerges from the student's own fueled exploration." Joshua Davis
  • Context - Relevant and Challenging
    • Is there brain activity?
  • What do you feel? Can you imagine a solution? Give it a go! DO IT? Share it with others (CBL)
  • Todd Rose - Individuality matters!! There is no such thing as average!!
  • eSpark Curation Process - don't teach to the average
  • Access, Build, Code

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